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XPCR Lebanon Ltd. is among the first private companies to receive the authorization to import and administer Covid-19 vaccination by the ministry of health in Lebanon.

The permission was given on 26 of March 2021 and our first shot was admitted at our Beirut center on 2 of April 2021 the same day the first batch arrived at Beirut airport which indicate clearly that the private sector can play a serious role in fighting the coronavirus.

Being owned by LCMI Medical – Spain and through our sister company XPCR – Norway, XPCR Lebanon has the required qualification and the manpower needed to achieve such record operation.  

As per today, XPCR Lebanon is authorized to import any of the vaccination currently approved by WHO but our focus is on the variety being approved by USA and EU. 

Our target is to be able to administer 100 000 vaccination before the end of April 2021.

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